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How to start & end any project.

Choosing the right tools & materials

Troubleshooting mistakes

Basic stitch patterns

(Chain, Single, Double, Half-Double, Treble)

Creating basic shapes

(Circle, Triangle, Square)

Basic classes are best suited

for beginners with little

to no experience

in crochet.


Stitch patterns

(Puff stitch, 2-tog, clusters)

Project One:

Creating  complex shapes

(Flowers / Stars)

Project Two:

Creating your first large-scale project

(Granny Square Blanket / Throw)

Project Three:

Creating your first bag

(Granny Square Bottom Bag)


Intermediate classes are best

suited for those who

have completed

the basics of



Reading written & drafted stitch patterns

Introduction to Tapestry Crochet

How to draft patterns for

Tapestry pieces

Creating Mandala patterns

Introduction to Tunisian Crochet

(Tunisian Simple Stitch)

Advanced classes are best  suited 

to those who have completed

both basic and 



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Why do I need 02 Hours for each session?

As a beginner, it is important to move at a pace that you are comfortable with.


In general, as with any new activity, I've noticed that most beginners take between 30 to 45 minutes to get familiar with yarn to hook tension. (which will be our very first session activity.) 


As such, 01-Hour sessions leave little room for exploration and discovery. 

Will I complete the entire Basic module in 4 sessions?

The short answer is,

Not Always!


My role during our crochet sessions is to facilitate your learning process, and some prefer to take longer than others to get comfortable with crochet stitch concepts and patterns.

How fast you make progress is entirely up to you! We can move as fast, or as slow, as you are comfortable with.

How often do I have to schedule session?

As often as you like!  

There are no complete-by limits or expiration dates for your sessions once you've bought them. Have it once a week, or once a month.

Don't feel pressured to set a regular weekly session if you have a busy or unpredictable schedule.


As long as you schedule the sessions 02 days before the intended date, we're good to go!

Will I have homework?

Yes, you will!

While that may not be the answer most people want to hear, it is important that the time between sessions is used to practice the topics covered.

The alternative is we spend more time during the start of each session trying to recap what we've covered previously.

That ultimately eats into the limited time we have during our sessions that can be better used to learn new things instead!


Interesting in booking a workshop for larger groups? Need an activity for that special event?

 Corporate team-building workshop or a bridal party, we've got you covered!

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In this fun sustainable-themed workshop, participants will learn how to make crochet rope cords out of old t-shirts. These ropes can be made into necklaces and bracelets for the ladies, or keychains and bag straps for the gentlemen.

Perfect for beginners, this workshop engages participants in its simple and repetitive motions, creating a relaxing and therapeutic space for creative exploration. 

The beauty of crochet is that there is no right or wrong, which allows plenty of room for self-expression, discovery and bonding between participants through a shared objective

in a mutual



$60 per Pax

Limited to 20 Pax per Session

03 Hours per Session

(Inclusive of 15 mins break)

Maximum of 02 Sessions can be arranged in one day.

All tools and materials provided.

Participants take home their own crochet hooks as well as anything created during the workshop

We encourage participants to bring 

their own unwanted t-shirts to

use as part of this




Workshop to be conducted at person's / organization's location.


Venue to be available for

set up and preparation

20 minutes prior to the

start of the workshop.

Suggested Venue:

Meeting Room  or

Activity Room