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Art markets & pop-ups & stuff

Hello CC insiders! It's been a hot minute, how have you guys been? The circuit-breaker in Singapore has really taken its toll on the lot of us, hasn't it? It almost feels like a mini time-out for us in Singapore and our Government is waving its mega large proverbial finger at us saying 'Grr! Stay home or else!' I hope everyone is keeping safe though, and most importantly, keeping sane, while in isolation.

Speaking of keeping sane, I'd like to talk about something that I've been really missing lately, and that is Art Markets! It's a funny journey; art markets and me, because I'm really not a crowd type person generally. See a crowded hall and I'm out like the plague just hit. (Oops. Maybe not the best pun to make during a global pandemic. Sorry!)

Jokes aside, I'm surprising my